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Miembro director Esportter [expand title = “Membership Management”]

With Esportter you can manage the members of your club: athletes, coaches, directors, parents.

Add members

Add your athletes quickly to the platform. Download the CSV file, copy and paste the name, surname and email of each athlete. You can also enter additional information to have the complete file. Once inside, you can consult all your information, and set up communication with them.

Permits and restrictions

You can assign different permissions to each of your members by assigning them a role. Just as a director may be able to add and edit members and view all calendars, an athlete may only be able to review their own calendar.

 [expand title = “Group Management”] You can join the members of your club in different groups. Create a group and add members according to the criteria that suit you: teams, categories, training groups, different schedules, etc.

Specific calendars for each group

Each group has an individual calendar. Any event that is added or modified, will be notified to the members of this group. All of them can consult the schedules of training, competitions, trips …

Group notifications

When sending a message or when creating or editing an event, you can select that the recipient is a group. In this way, it is not necessary to select the members one by one and everyone will receive the information instantly.


Mensaje directores Esportter [expand title = “Messages”]

Communication is one of the biggest problems that sports clubs have today. A lot of time is wasted writing each member one by one through the communication channel that he uses.

With Esportter you will save time in sending messages. Select one or more groups, and a message will be sent to you in a matter of seconds.


Calendario director Esportter [expand title = “Events and calendar”]

The director can control the club’s global calendar, and filter by groups, members, types of activity … to have more control. In addition, the calendar and all activities can be shared through Google Calendar, to prevent any member from forgetting any activity!

Unique or regular trainings

Set up unique trainings or frequent trainings that are repeated daily, weekly or monthly for a group. When you make a change, all group members receive the update. In the same way, when you add a new member, you will see all the activities scheduled for that group.

Competitions or tournaments

Create specific competitions or tournaments / championships that last over time. The operation is equal to that of the workouts. Any news is automatically notified to the members.

Other types of activities

If apart from training and competitions, in your club you also have meetings, social activities, trips or other types of events, you can also create and monitor them through Esportter.

You can always modify the activity and the invited members. In addition, you can send them a notification of notice and ask them to confirm the attendance.


Asistencia director Esportter [expand title = “Forms”]

With the forms you can ask any type of question to your members.

It is very recurrent when you need to confirm attendance at any activity: training, competition, meeting ….

Still, you can make the necessary consultation: Who needs to renew the club’s equipment, the menu for the club dinner or a form to assess how much they like Esportter 😉

Plan properly

Check the list of answers at a glance and plan the activity in an optimal way. Whether it is a training, competition or other activity, you will know in advance the answers to the questions asked in the form. “Bad planning is better than having no planning.” But is not it better to have good planning?

Automatic notifications

When creating the form, a notification will be sent to each assistant to the email. At all times you will see the answers of each one and who has not yet responded.[/expand]

Mensaje directores Esportter [expand title = “Messages”]

Has it ever happened to you that you could not contact your coach or that the information did not reach you correctly?

Communication is one of the biggest problems that exists in sports clubs. Each one uses different social networks to communicate: Facebook, Email, SMS, Telegram …

Nor would it be impractical for our club to “force us” to use only one communication channel, or to download its club application. Then what do we do?

Do not worry, you will receive all the information about training, events, activities, competitions … through your favorite channels. Select which ones and forget about being aware.


Calendario director Esportter [expand title = “Events and calendar”]

You will have your calendar updated at all times. Access from Esportter to see it and receive notifications about edited, deleted or new activities in the social networks of your choice.

You can also add the full calendar or specific activities to Google Calendar. So, surely you do not miss any activity!

What kind of activities can I see in the calendar?

You can see the unique or regular training that is repeated periodically.

Find when your next tournaments or championships are, find out about the meetings and scheduled activities of your club, and, in short, any event related to the team and with you.


Asistencia director Esportter [expand title = “Forms”]

With the forms, those responsible for your club will receive valuable information without having to ask everyone one by one.

Receive a form with questions like “Are you going to the club dinner?” Or at what time would you like to train at Easter?

With a single click, you can notify of your assistance or your preferences. It is very important for the coach and your teammates to have this information updated so that they can plan correctly. They no longer serve the excuses that you are too lazy to call or the coach does not answer, with Esportter it is very simple.


padres y madres esportter

Mensaje directores Esportter [expand title = “Messages”]

Keeping in touch with coaches and club managers, learning about changes in competitions and training and knowing if your son or daughter has attended training are things that any parent needs to know.

The ineffective communication is over. With Esportter, all parents and mothers will be notified immediately of any change and unforeseen eventuality.


Calendario director Esportter [expand title = “Events and calendar”]

Know all the training, competitions and other activities of your children.

You can synchronize the full calendar or specific activities with Google Calendar. So, surely you do not forget any activity!


Asistencia director Esportter [expand title = “Forms”]

With the forms, those responsible for your club will receive very valuable information from you and your children, without having to ask each parent individually.

With a single click, you can advise on the assistance of your son or daughter. It is very important for the coach to have this information updated, in order to carry out a correct planning.