Frequently Asked Questions

Esportter is a software for the management of sport clubs. 

The director has all the tools to manage his sport club in a centralized way. It also facilitates the communication between your club members, creation of events, planning of the trainings, online shop, etc.

Ultimately, Esportter allows you to focus on what is trully important: your club and athletes. Managing tasks are in the background.


Mainly, it is the director who will use Esportter for his managerial tasks.

However, athletes, coaches and parents can also use Esportter. They can check their club’s information, interact with other members, check the trainings and schedules, confirm assistance, pay and buy in the online shop.

Additionally, coaches also have a customized section. They can create trainings and analyze the performance of their athletes.


Esportter is FREE right now.

During first months, all the clubs will be allowed to enjoy our services and features for free. In addition, we will add new changes monthly. Unafortunatelly, Esportter will not be free forever. When this day arrives, we will let you know the pricing. We will always have a free trial anyway.


We have been working on it very hardly. Llevamos meses trabajando duramente. We will have it definitely finished for early July. Almost nothing left!



Write a mail to info@esportter.com if you have any other doubt.