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Sport drives us

In Esportter we understand sport as a tool to instill values to the smallest and the most experienced.

Sport serves to have fun and overcome oneself. It is a mental and physical exercise that is very rewarding (at least, when we finish doing it 😛)

We firmly believe in technology to improve the functioning of clubs, providing fun and passion to what unites us all; the sport.

Everything that is not sport itself is superfluous. We want you to dedicate yourself to what you really love. Let’s forget to waste time in management, organization, communication… let’s do sports!

Meet the people who are with clubs everyday

Beñat Bengoetxea


Linked to the sport since I was little. Lover of the organization, passionate about what I do and with an uncontrollable desire to improve the world of sports, in which I am immersed all day.

Damián Romero


Part-time developer and full-time technologist. Free software enthusiast. Clean and organized. And even more, if possible, as far as code is concerned.

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Do you have any doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us. Write us through the form or contact us through our social networks or at info@esportter.com .

But, maybe, you could first look in our FAQ section. It is possible that we have already answered your question previously 😄


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